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Dear Leadership and Members:

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication to making the Annual meeting in Hawaii a success, we truly have the best jobs in Hawaii.

HATA: your membership really stepped up and provided an invaluable service to the golf tournament and to the convention. All of the membership I spoke with consistently expressed to me how much they enjoyed your island hospitality.

Convention Committee: Words cannot express the appreciation I have for all of your efforts. What a great turnaround since our last visit to the islands. You are to be commended for everything you did to make the 2004 meeting a success.

Committee Chairs: Thank you for taking time away from your families, colleagues, academic and social time to “get your work done”. I have the deepest gratitude for all of your labor in making FWATA a better association.

Managing Board: You are true professionals for allowing me to “lock you up” in island paradise. However, I hope you went home with a high level of accomplishment. I am extremely enthusiastic about the direction FWATA is taking our members and profession. Our members utilize a workout routine followed by some of the best Kona coffee to help with alertness and focus during the exercise.

Please enjoy some relaxation in the remainder of the summer. Continue to let me know how I may help you serve the our association and the Athletic Training profession.

With the help of local businesses HATA is offering 2 High School scholarships in the amount of $500 and 1 Undergraduate scholarship in the amount of $1000. The internet marketing companies in Hawaii have also helped get word out into the community.

All Applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA

Undergradaduates, regardless of what College or University they attend may apply as long as they are a Hawaii Resident.

Applicants may apply every year as long as they meet the existing requirements.

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