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Historical Timeline


  • HATA founded by 8 members
  • Founding members:  Lindy Rowan, Chris Balskie, Melody Toth, Wes Sphar, Pete Howard, Eric Okasaki, Glenn Beachy, and Jayson Goo
  • First Officers elected:  President:  Pete Howard, Vice-President:  Eric Okasaki, Secretary:  Glenn Beachy, Treasurer and District 8 Representative:  Jayson Goo
  • Hawaii Medical Association-Sports Medicine Committee recognizes and supports purpose and goals of HATA
  • Created certification exam committee to advise and assist students preparing to take the  NATA Certification Exam
  • Assisted HMA-Sports Medicine Committee in education symposium for medical community


  • Lobbied state legislature to create exemption in the State Physical Therapy Act; with support of Hawaii Physical Therapy Association, the act was successfully amended
  • HATA again assists HMA with Sports Medicine Symposium
  • UH-Manoa begins offering Sports Medicine Courses as combined courses from Physical Education and Biomedical Science


  • HATA partners with HMA Sports Medicine Symposium but has larger role in planning.  Symposium moved to the University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Dr. Ralph Hale and Melody Toth convinces UH-Manoa to offer Athletic Training Curriculum


  • HATA places continuing education for members as number one priority.  Begins having continuing education guest speakers in conjunction with business meetings
  • OIA Executive Secretary, Hugh Yoshida, speaks to HATA regarding goal of having an ATC in each of Hawaii’s 38 public secondary schools; HATA offers complete support
  • HATA creates first logo; blue ink drawing of the hawaiian islands
  • HATA membership doubles; now has 17 certified members
  • HATA expresses interest in hosting District 8 meeting in 1991 or 1992
  • DOE asks HATA to teach a summer “Basic Athletic Training” Course for coaches continuing education; Eric Okasaki is instructor


  • HATA request to be considered as host for District 8 meeting denied


  • Survey conducted by Dr. Bart Buxton and Dr. Michael McCarthy assessing current health care practices in Hawaii High Schools


  • Cindy Price (later Clivio) appointed by Governor as public member of Hawaii Physical Therapy Board


  • HATA President Eric Okasaki announces plan to hold it’s own education symposium; appoints Dawn Kurihara (later Akana) as Chair of the HATA Annual Symposium Committee


  • First HATA Annual Symposium held in May at the University of Hawaii at Manoa; it’s a success initial symposium is a one day event with exhibitors
  • DOE’s AD’s initiate lobbying effort requesting funding for 38 ATCs for Hawaii High Schools.  House passes resolution recognizing the need for an action plan to be presented the following year. 
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa offers to facilitate a pilot program of 10 ATCs who will gather data to justify need.  ATCs are temporary positions
  • Pilot program created; title of positions called Athletic Health Care Specialist.  This title raises the Hawaii state wage step to SR-22; in draft mode with the title of athletic trainers was classified as SR-20


  • 5 ATCs added to DOE pilot program.  Increases total positions to 15
  • Bills are introduced to convert ATCs in Hawaii High Schools to permanent positions and create a coordinator position; Bills are killed in Ways and Means Committee


  • Hawaii Board of Education passes resolution supporting need of an Athletic Health Care Specialist in every Hawaii high school
  • HATA sponsors its first Student Athletic Trainer Workshop for high school students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa;  Appoints Darryl Funai to chair committee.


  • Hawaii is chosen for site of 1998 District 8 meeting.


  • HMA resurrects active Sports Medicine Committee; HATA has representative on committee assists in planning week night education courses for physicians.
  • HMA helps HATA track status of bills in legislature that have interest to athletic trainers
  • 25 additional temporary Athletic Health Care Specialists added to DOE high schools; initial bill had died in committee but was resurrected when Senator Rod Tam simply inserted it into the DOE portion of the state budget bill.  Increases total positions to 40
  • All public secondary schools receive a full-time Athletic Trainer position


  • Hawaii hosts FWATA District 8 meeting for the first time
  • HATA begins discussion of the need for regulation of the profession


  • HATA offers first scholarships to high school seniors planning to study a sports medicine field
  • HATA begins first research and grants program
  • HATA hosts first fund raising Golf Tournament; appoints Darryl Funai as chair


  • HHSAA asked HATA to create a weight monitoring program for high school wrestling; HATA appoints Glenn Beachy as committee chair
  • HATA drops exhibitors in lieu of concentrating efforts / contributions to more lucrative golf tournament
  • DOE temporary Athletic Health Care Specialists converted to permanent status

2000 - 2001

  • HATA partners with Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition to create a website regarding youth sports injuries as part of national Safe Kids program


  • HATA votes unanimously to seek professional regulation


  • FWATA District 8 meeting comes to Hawaii for second time; deemed an overwhelming success.  HATA takes over District Golf Tournament and raises $12,000 for district scholarships.  (average D8 golf tournament raises $2000)
  • 10 additional ATC’s added to DOE high schools.   Total DOE ATC positions increases to 50


  • 15 additional ATC positions are being lobbied for during the 2005 legislative session; 10 positions are added


  • HATA conducts it first business meeting on a neighbor island.  22 members attend meeting at Baldwin High School


  • HATA Symposium held on a neighbor island for the first time.   60 ATCs attend the HATA Annual Symposium at University of Hawaii at Hilo


  • FWATA District meeting was held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.  There were over 600 attendees
  • HATA conducts its’ first silent auction during the FWATA meeting.  Appoints Mina Tsukahara as committee chair.  Over $4000 was raised. 
  • Hawaii State Legislature passes a resolution requesting the State Auditor to do a sunrise analysis of the profession of athletic training.  This is the required before a profession can be regulated
  • Over 80% of the public high schools in Hawaii now employ 2 full-time athletic trainers


  • In 2011, Reid Takano, ATC of Moanalua High School receives NATA District 8/Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association Gatorade Secondary Schools Athletic Trainer Award.
  • Glenn Beachy, ATC of Punahou School receives the Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association (FWATA) Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award and the


  • Glenn Beachy, ATC of Punahou School National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Athletic Trainer Service Award, respectively HATA History and Highlights


  •  Hawaii achieves state registration for nationally certified athletic trainers working in Hawaii; this is in order to protect the public (our Hawaii communities) from those who are not qualified to work or call themselves athletic trainers from doing so.
  • Cindy Clivio, ATC of Kamehameha Schools receives the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award – the highest national athletic trainer award ever to be received by a Hawaii athletic trainer to date.


  • Ross Oshiro, ATC of the Queen’s Medical Center for Sports Medicine (and former State of Hawaii Department of Education Athletic Health Care Coordinator) receives the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Athletic Trainer Service Award.


  • Garvin Tsuji, ATC receives the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Athletic Trainer Service Award
  • HATA now grows to become 2 separate organizations: HATA, the professional business association; and the HATA Foundation, the research, education and scholarship division of the athletic training profession in Hawaii
  • Far West Atheltic Trainers' Association (FWATA) district meeting was held at the Sheraton Kona Resort in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
  • Cindy Clivio and Glenn Beachy are inducted into the Far West Athletic Trainers' Association (FWATA) Hall of Fame
  • Beth Young receives Far West Athletic Trainers' Association (FWATA) Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award
  • HATA has a total of 200+ members